Code for the littler Buttons the Computer used in the Turing Machine portion of the book.

Updated 10 months ago

An experiment in cleaning up CSS by just avoiding dis-features and focusing on flexbox and CSS grids.

Updated 10 months ago

This is the code for the bot that we use in the course Discord. It's being built over a series of livestreams and only does a few basic things like replaying livestream chats.

Updated 9 months ago

A simple CSS file to make it easier to layout a web page quickly at the start. It's meant to be removed once you have the basic layout done, but you could probably keep it if you like it.

Updated 4 weeks ago

This is a quick dump of my windows vim setup. This works fairly well and I've written a lot of software using this. I also include other software I installed.

Updated 7 months ago

These are the projects for the JavaScript Level 2 module in Learn JS the Hard Way.

Updated 5 months ago

Code featured in the blog for

Updated 5 months ago

This is only for testing npm init for installing other things.

Updated 1 month ago

This is the template project that's checked out and configured when you run the bando-up command from ljsthw-bandolier. This is where the code really lives.

Updated 2 days ago

The code from the Learn JavaScript the Hard Way module JavaScript Level 1 exercises. This is a mirror of the code I have in the book, so if you're struggling you can use this to compare against your attempts.

Updated 2 months ago

This is the code that runs for you to review. It uses the to create the documentation for the project.

Updated 17 hours ago