Code for the littler Buttons the Computer used in the Turing Machine portion of the book.

Updated 11 months ago

This is the code for the bot that we use in the course Discord. It's being built over a series of livestreams and only does a few basic things like replaying livestream chats.

Updated 11 months ago

These are the projects for the JavaScript Level 2 module in Learn JS the Hard Way.

Updated 7 months ago

The code from the Learn JavaScript the Hard Way module JavaScript Level 1 exercises. This is a mirror of the code I have in the book, so if you're struggling you can use this to compare against your attempts.

Updated 4 months ago

This is only for testing npm init for installing other things.

Updated 3 months ago

This is the template project that's checked out and configured when you run the bando-up command from ljsthw-bandolier. This is where the code really lives.

Updated 1 month ago

This is the code that runs for you to review. It uses the to create the documentation for the project.

Updated 1 month ago