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Simple readme on installing although it's probably not accurate yet.

Zed A. Shaw 1 week ago
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You can install the project with a few commands:
git clone --depth 1 yourproject
git clone yourproject
cd yourproject
npm install .
You can then either `rm -rf .git` and make your own git, or you can make a branch:
Next you'll want to move the 'origin' to 'upstream' so you can have your own git repo, then rename the 'master' branch to 'ljsthw' so you know exactly what it is:
git branch -m master ljsthw
git remote rename origin upstream
git remote set-url upstream --push "This remote is read only."
Create your own branch for working on, I like to name mine `dev`:
git checkout -b yourproject
git checkout -b dev
You'll also want to disable push so you don't accidentally keep trying to push to the remote.
Create your origin pointing at your real git repo:
git config branch.master.pushRemote no_push
git remote add origin
Then create a branch for your work so you can freely work without worrying about infecting the LJSTHW source:
git push --set-upstream origin dev
git pull -v
I'm actually not sure if this is needed but it should be an extra help to keep your from trying.
It should say `origin/dev` when you pull. Now you're ready to work on your own, and pull changes from this project to update your code with new changes.
Install (Linux/OSX)
npm install .