This is the code I'm writing in public as I build the website to host my new course format.
Вы не можете выбрать более 25 тем Темы должны начинаться с буквы или цифры, могут содержать дефисы(-) и должны содержать не более 35 символов.
Zed A. Shaw a962c27fa0 Clean up and reorganize a few little things before next push. 1 неделю назад
designs Fix up the landing page by just using SVG. 3 недель назад
lib Normalize line endings. 1 неделю назад
migrations Migration to the new database mostly works. I might have botched the git though. 2 недель назад
sass A bit of spacing and such for the design. 2 недель назад
services Small fix to the email templates before deploy. 1 неделю назад
src Clean up and reorganize a few little things before next push. 1 неделю назад
static Remove the full sized CSS since I'm not even using it. 2 недель назад
tests Clean up and reorganize a few little things before next push. 1 неделю назад
.gitattributes Trying to fix line endings automatically. 1 неделю назад
.gitignore Don't push mp4 and jpg to the repo. 2 недель назад
LICENSE Mostly copy the bulma-templates over to work with. 1 месяц назад
Makefile Easier to use vim when you have a Makefile. 1 месяц назад Quick journal entry before deploying. 1 месяц назад Keep the sapper docs but bring back the original 1 месяц назад
ecosystem.config.js Ohhhh, I accidentally told redis to reboot. WAT. 1 месяц назад
gulpfile.js Don't generate the non min css. 2 недель назад
jest.config.js Make sure same-origin credentials are used in all fetch, then a test to confirm one api will block. 3 недель назад
knexfile.js Get postgres working. 2 недель назад
package-lock.json Moved all the code into models but need to refine even more. 2 недель назад
package.json Moved all the code into models but need to refine even more. 2 недель назад
rollup.config.js Got the first SCSS and Pug integration going, now rewriting all the things. 1 месяц назад

Learn JavaScript The Hard Way

This is the project you can follow from the live streams as I develop the website for the course. I initially started this using the awesome Bulma Templates at and will place the code after each live session here.


Thu Feb 6 10:58:22 EST 2020

Managed to get the CORS worked out with mailtrain.  Wow CORS is garbage.
Ditched cors and mailtrain widget.  No point really.

Sun Feb 9 09:58:20 EST 2020

Setup initial Sapper configuration to start working on the site for real.

Tue Feb 11 06:00:02 EST 2020

Sapper is working good.
Configured a monochromne bulma theme.
Got testing to work with jest and puppeteer.

Wed Feb 12 07:15:02 EST 2020

Figured out session work sort of in sapper, but I need to go through the RealWorld code to confirm.
I can setup a cookie-session, and that is attached to req.session.
Then I add a {session:} to the sapper middleware that sets this based on the req.session.views setting.
Kind of convoluted so I suspect I'll find out more in the RealWorld app, but it does work.
I also need to review the reactive $ variables in svelte because I forgot about that.

Mon Feb 17 12:32:58 EST 2020

I have a basic auth working off rethinkdb and kue, but I....don't know how to set it in a session?
Rethink has some bad design decisions so I most likely will jump off it soon.
Got the logins working.  Sessions weren't saving because I set response/status before setting the session.

Tue Feb 18 07:21:16 EST 2020

Adding in PM2 and testing and locking this down tight before working on the UI more.
Removed RethinkDB and went back to ArangoDB.  I like it, but it's also just easy to manage.

Wed Feb 19 21:15:22 EST 2020

Found out to reconcile the commonjs vs. es6 modules.  I'll eventually have to move that out.
Added pino logging and got the web logs coming through.  It's very busy though.
Got a full test case for the one UI I have working, and it runs automatically.

Sat Feb 22 13:40:30 EST 2020

Cleaned up the design and slimmed it down significantly using Spectre.css.
Got logins mostly working, tested, and added registration.
Took the blogging example from Sapper and modified it slightly.  Needs more.

Mon Feb 24 11:32:09 EST 2020

Managed to clean up the design, code, and many other things, then get logins/registration mostly working.
Imported the Spectre.css directly into this project so I can rapidly work on modifying it.

Wed Mar 4 16:37:50 EST 2020

Quite a lot of the design is refined and the development process is much smoother.
Close to throwing it on the internet and seeing how it goes.