Publicly available code that's used in the course
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Zed A. Shaw 5c536d3a8b Add the non license. 1 month ago
api.js Consolidate the base and root urls into a configuration rather than ugly hand rewriting like a loser. 8 months ago
builderator.js Mostly everything laid out and ready to finish off for the dashboard. Just turning things into components where I can simplify. 6 months ago
buildrules.js Fixes to remove Victor Mono as a font since it uses ligatures that students will never be able to type. 4 months ago
docs.js Add the non license. 1 month ago
gitea.js Working webhooks for gitea now. 2 months ago
logging.js Default to debug logging. 11 months ago
mail.js Switch to using maildev now and it's awesome. 1 month ago
models.js Now any email change will notify them so they can remember their emails. 2 months ago
rr.js Now I can run ci from the command line, exclude rules I don't need for the run, and have it figure out the git status automatically. 7 months ago
serverauth.js First part of the basic admin going. Can list tables, list contents of tables, search, remove fields, nothing fancy yet. 3 months ago
testing.js Last test for the API that I can do. 3 months ago
train.js All of this just to register people and subscribe to train. 10 months ago