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First attempts at some copy for the landing.

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h1 The Greatest Unlanding Page Of The Internet Which Deserves A Nobel Prize
p [This text generated by GPT2] My search for answers only led me to hear about a widower with a baseball bat who pulled a Boeing 767 from the Hudson River. Something was very wrong here and the only logical conclusion is this guy was trying to find a home for his newly purchased car… even though there wasn't one.
p I then learned of this "jet-sled" helicopter that made an incredible aerial trek across the American west. These unbelievable images are simply not to be seen unless you are either a trained "snorkel seer" or have never seen a seabed. In either case, they are extraordinary. I've already seen some cool stuff but when you combine several unbelievable
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h1(class="text-center") The Only JAMstack Course Teaching You To Make Cash Money

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h1 What you'll get
p Every play session in a custom world will have to have an introduction. A mini-universe with characters who are significant to the current run will be created. Characters will be custom-created for each play session, either in the main world or in a creation that is later included in the main world. Play will be set during a week at a festival. This Week is the space and time your character is captured. It is what makes a festival a festival.
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h1 What You Do Get
p Nothing but straight forward honest instruction in building software with JavaScript.
p A complete course in the JAMstack (JavaScript, APIs, and Markup).
p Extra helpful courses in basic topics like text editors, revision control, databases.
p Live lessons on hot topics you need with a real programmer doing real programming.
p Reviews of hot new projects breaking through the BS to see if they really work.
p A community of other people learning to code.
p A no pressure environment that promotes learning by reducing stress.
p Practical actual projects Zed is actually making money on.
p Certification and coding JAMs to help you prove you can code.
h3 Courses on how to actually accept payments online. Revolutionary!

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h1 How it works
p From creating a website, to designing your CRM, to translating sales calls into English, you'll learn the tricks to being a successful online sales rep.
p You'll get live-guess the rankings, get a report on what factors are the best to work on to maximize your conversion rates, create your own funnel, and set up a CRM for your website.
p No one knows how to sell more effectively. This course shows you how to be a good sales rep.
h1 What You Don't Get
p No empty promises of jobs that can't be possible.
p No claims of radical curriculum that never appear.
p No hidden costs or exploitative Income Share Agreements.
p No marketing speak or propaganda to convince you to join.
p No shaming, ridicule, or pressure to work yourself to death.
p No contracts or Non-Disclosure Agreements limiting your rights.
p No selling of your private data.
p No selling of your debts to bankers for a profit.
p No claims of a "network" of companies that don't actually hire you.
p No secret hidden tricks. Everything Zed knows he shows you.
h3 Only you, the code, and help from Zed himself.

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